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It is important that you keep your watches, jewellery and bags in good condition. Therefore we have put all the important tips in a row for you. This way you can enjoy your favourite May Sparkle items for longer!

Maintenance jewellery

All jewellery from May Sparkle is made of stainless steel. Do you want to enjoy your jewellery as long as possible? Clean them once in a while with lukewarm water (without chlorine). You can use a clean, soft toothbrush to polish them nicely. Then lay the jewellery on a dry cloth and gently pat it dry. This will make your jewellery shine again!

Maintenance of bags 

Of course you want to enjoy your May Sparkle bag for as long as possible. It is important to clean your bag once in a while. Both inside and outside. Cleaning and tidying up the inside of your bag goes without saying. For the outside, use a clean, slightly damp cloth to polish up the bag and remove any stains.

Maintenance of watches

All May Sparkle watches have a Quartz movement. This is great because they require little maintenance. However, if you have an empty battery, don't leave it in the watch for too long. If you do, the battery will leak acid which affects the components of the watch. In addition, you can of course polish your watch once in a while and store it in a nice watch box. Your May Sparkle watches deserve to be treated with care. 

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